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Statement on Revocations of Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans by the White House

Statement by SEIU Florida President Monica Russo
Re: Revocations of Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans by the White House

"The actions by the Trump Administration today to end protections for Salvadorans is yet another step in their pattern of erratic governing. By no fault of their own, 200,000 immigrants across the U.S. will have to pack up and leave for a country they have not lived in for decades.

"These are women and men, children and entire families, who fled Salvador reeling from natural disasters and violence and were promised protections by our government. Now, joining a long list of racist and xenophobic policy decisions by this Administration, Salvadorans in the U.S. will be forced to move back to a country that has yet to recover from the natural disaster that misplaced them so many years ago.

"This decision was not made because those protected by TPS did anything wrong, or pay taxes. Salvadorans didn't fail to be contributing members of our country's society. The hundreds upon thousands of people who will be affected by this impetuous change are our neighbors, co-workers, business owners, and friends - who have joined local PTA's, supported our community economy, and have become a part of our local fabric.

"From certified nurses aides caring for our most vulnerable, to airport workers making sure we get to our destinations safely, and workers in our food industry serving our neighborhoods - immigrants represent workers in every sector. This abhorrent decision will not only rip apart communities and families, it will devastate our economy.

"The unconscionable choice to revoke protections for an entire group of people simply based on where they are from is not a new tactic by this Administration. And if we do not continue to stand united against his hate, the President will continue to rip apart our families and communities.

"There is still an opportunity to keep our country's promise to the Salvadorans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans who have done absolutely nothing wrong but live legally in our Country. Members of Congress have an opportunity to act positively for the immigrants facing deportation. And if they do not act now, the tens of thousands of SEIU Florida members will hold them accountable at the ballot box come November,” - Monica Russo, SEIU Florida President.


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