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Miami, FL – Cooks and cashiers rallied outside a local McDonald’s Friday to declare support for fast-food workers in New York and St. Louis who are on the cusp of winning $15 an hour, and to issue their own demand for $15 and union rights here in Miami Holding signs that read, “We Are Unstoppable” and chanting “New York, St. Louis, This Is How We Do It,” workers declared that winning $15 an hour in cities like New York and St. Louis would catalyze similar victories for $15 nationwide.

“When fast-food workers win $15 in New York and St. Louis, it will be a win for fast-food workers everywhere,” said Westley Williams, who works at McDonald's in Miramar and is paid $8.05 an hour. “They used to say we had no shot, but fast-food workers across the country are proving that our fight for $15 is now unstoppable, and we’re going to stand together until we win $15 and union rights here in Miami too.”

Miami– This week health care activists and community groups across the state held press conferences and rallys targeting Republican House members who are against expanding health care for the 800,000 plus Floridians currently in the coverage gap.  Activists in four cities delivered a petition signed by over 13,500 demanding health care expansion to the offices of Rep. Jose Oliva in Hialeah, Rep. Bill Hager in Boca Raton, Rep. Shawn Harrison in Tampa and Rep. Kathleen Peters in St. Petersburg.  Read more.

Miami—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement. 

"By deciding to walk out and end the session early, the Florida House has shown they have no interest in serving the needs of Floridians. Instead they have chosen to turn their backs on Floridians rather than working on a solution to Expand Medicaid which would provide healthcare for nearly 1 million Floridians who desperately need it," said Russo whose organization SEIU Florida represents thousands of Registered Nurses and healthcare workers across the state who have vociferously advocated to expand Medicaid to hard working Floridians in the state’s coverage gap. Read more.

Miami—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement. 

"Governor Scott has presided over the Medicaid Expansion debate for 4 years – taking multiple positions from for Expansion to Against," said Russo whose organization SEIU Florida represents thousands of Registered Nurses and healthcare workers across the state who have vociferously advocated to expand Medicaid to 1.2 million hard working Floridians in the state’s coverage gap. 

Local Groups Join the Fight for 15 to Demand Local Hiring and Living Wages from Publicly Funded Projects

Miami--Fast-food cooks and cashiers walked off their jobs Wednesday morning in Miami and in cities from Pittsburgh to Pasadena, setting off a historic wave of protests for higher pay and the freedom to join unions that stretched across industries and around the globe and inspired college students and #BlackLivesMatter activists to join in. In Miami the Fight for $15 is about keeping tax payer money from being used for huge development projects that displace it's residents and fail to provide good jobs for the community. Multiple community organizations have united around this issue and have now joined the Fight for $15.

Yesterday in Miami hundreds packed the Greater Bethel AME Church in the historic Overtown neighborhood where they listened to inspirational speeches from home care worker Molita Cunningham, fast food worker Laura Rollins and Bishop James Adams of Overtown’s St. John’s Baptist Church.

Miami Groups Join Forces with the Fight for $15 to Push for Living Wages & Local Hiring from Tax-Funded Projects
Fast-Food Workers to Strike in 200 U.S. Cities, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Protest on Six Continents; Adjunct Professors, Home Care, Child Care, Airport, Industrial Laundry and Walmart Workers to Rally Coast to Coast

Miami– On Tax Day, fast food workers in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and in cities from Pittsburgh to Pasadena will walk off the job, while adjunct professors, home care, child care, airport, industrial laundry and Walmart workers will march and rally in what will be the most widespread mobilization ever by U.S. workers seeking higher pay.

Miami Grupos unen fuerzas con la lucha por $ 15 para presionar por Salarios Dignos y Contratación Local de proyectos financiados por el Fiscal

Miami- El Día de los impuestos, los trabajadores de comida rápida en Miami y Fort Lauderdale y en las ciudades de Pittsburgh a Pasadena caminarán fuera del trabajo, mientras que los profesores adjuntos, cuidados en el hogar, cuidado de niños, aeropuerto, lavandería industrial y los trabajadores de Walmart marcha y concentración en lo que será la movilización más amplia jamás por los trabajadores estadounidenses que buscan una mayor remuneración.

Después de que la semana pasada McDonald's anunciara un aumento salarial mísero, vamos a seguir exigiendo $15 la hora y el derecho a un sindicato sin represalias. El sur de la Florida se unirá a las manifestaciones en todo el país el 15 de abril con eventos programados en los siguientes lugares:

Fort Lauderdale: 8:00 am - Protesta en el aeropuerto de Fort Lauderdale (afuera de la terminal 3, piso 2) 
Miami: Protesta y marcha 17:30 - Protesta frente a Greater Bethel AME Church (245 NW 8th St, Miami, FL 33136) en Overtown, seguida de una marcha por el centro de Miami.

Following last week’s paltry pay increase announcement by McDonald’s we will continue to demand $15 an hour and the right to a union without retaliation. South Florida will join the nationwide rallys on April 15 with events planned in the following locations:

  • Fort Lauderdale: 8:00 am – Rally at Fort Lauderdale airport outside of terminal 3, 2nd floor
  • Miami: 5:30 pm – Rally starting at Greater Bethel AME Church - 245 NW 8th St, Miami, Florida 33136 in Overtown followed by a march into downtown Miami.

Miami—Miami Employees ranging from fast-food cooks to adjunct professors said Monday that they are planning to participate in the largest-ever mobilization of underpaid workers —a series of tax day strikes, marches and rallies that will crisscross the entire nation and reach countries from Brazil to Japan— calling for wages that boost the economy and the freedom to join together in unions without retaliation.

Pay announcement by $5 billion company yields $0 increase for more than 1.6 million workers

Slamming a pay announcement that will affect just 10 percent of the company’s U.S. workforce, McDonald’s workers in Miramar and nationwide protested Thursday to stress their demand for $15 an hour and the right to a union without retaliation. Fast food workers and community supporters came out this morning to the Miramar McDonald’s chanting “Where’s my raise?”