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Press Releases

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to the defeat of SB 598: 

“Efforts by the State Senators in Tallahassee to roll back living wage ordinances in Miami-Dade, Broward, Pinellas, Alachua, and numerous counties and cities across Florida was quashed thanks to a 3-2 vote in the State Senate today.  We applaud the leadership of State Senators Bullard, Latvala and Ring.

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to Governor Scott’s State of the State:

“It comes as no surprise that Governor Rick Scott and the Republican-led Legislature have a jam-packed agenda that attacks hardworking Floridians rather than doing their sworn job to protect the interests of our most vulnerable.

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Miami, Fla. – On Tuesday November 10, hundreds of Floridians will come together to demand action from state legislators and presidential candidates to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Rallies and marches will be held in over 20 cities across Florida, as part of a National Day of Action with events in over 500 cities throughout the country. Floridians will rally in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami, Clearwater, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Fort Myers, among other cities.

SEIU Florida Praises State Senator Oscar Braynon for Backing $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement on Senate Bill 6 that would raise Florida’s minimum wage to $15 an hour from $8.05.

“The members and leaders of SEIU Florida salute the Florida Senate Democratic Caucus under the leadership of State Senator Oscar Braynon II for signing on to S.B. 6. which - once passed – would exponentially change the lives of nearly two million hardworking Floridians who are currently struggling to make ends meet on poverty wages. SB6 has the potential to dramatically strengthen the state’s economic outlook as workers have more money in their paychecks to invest the economy. We call on all members of the Florida Legislature to stimulate Florida’s economy by investing in our workforce and passing this monumental and financially prudent piece of legislation.

Miami, Fla. – Last Thursday, state Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Miami, and state Rep. Victor Torres, D-Orlando, were joined by dozens of underpaid workers and SEIU leaders at a press conference at the Florida State Capitol to push for an increase to the state's current minimum wage from $8.05 to $15 an hour. Speakers at the event urged all state legislators to support Senate Bill 6 and House Bill 109 and invited them to accept the “Minimum Wage Challenge.”

"I look forward to joining other legislators in the Minimum Wage Challenge so they can understand what it feels like to live on poverty wages in today’s world," said Sen. Bullard, who announced he will take the challenge set to start next Monday. During one week, those taking the challenge will have to live on minimum wage for five days and document their experience on social media showing the hard choices that they're forced to make each day.

Miami, FL – Today, SEIU Florida sent a letter to Florida's elected officials urging them to champion a $15 minimum wage and agree to live on minimum wage for five days as part of the "Minimum Wage Challenge" being launched this month.

SEIU Florida has pledged to exclusively endorse and make contributions to those who agree to both take the challenge and serve as champions of a $15 an hour minimum wage, which is quickly becoming a reality in localities across the country. Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles have all passed $15 an hour legislation and New York is expected give over 200,000 of the state's fast-food workers a pay bump to $15 an hour.

Miami, FL— SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement: “The members of SEIU Florida – including thousands of Haitians and Dominicans who work in the healthcare and service industries in South Florida – are aghast that the Dominican Supreme Court and Government would forcibly remove Dominicans of Haitian descent from their native land.  We are calling on the authorities to consult their conscience and to cease and desist in this gross violation of human rights of indigenous people.” 

"Despite hideous efforts by ultraconservatives to attempt to strip over 6 million Americans - 1.4 million of whom are Floridians - of affordable health care in the King v. Burwell case, the Supreme Court sided by a vote of 6 to 3 to uphold the Affordable Care Act," Russo said.

"However, nearly one million working Floridians are eligible for Medicaid expansion right now but have been brutally denied access by an ideological House and Governor.  The ball’s in your court Governor Scott, Attorney General Bondi, Speaker Crisafulli - lives are in your hands."  #ExpandMedicaid

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to the end of the Florida Legislature's special session.

"Our politicians in Tallahassee started the session with a $1.8 billion dollar surplus that they could have spent to create better jobs and stronger schools for Floridians. Instead, Gov. Scott followed the Florida House and took a chunk of that money in an attempt to clean up the mess they made when they refused billions of Federal dollars to expand Medicaid to cover 800,000 plus uninsured Floridians. Those same leaders spent millions more dollars on perks for their rich friends, including $2 million dollars for an elite private sports complex in the House Speaker's District. Floridians didn't want an elite sports complex, they wanted affordable health care and good paying jobs. This legislature spent months wasting hardworking taxpayer dollars and accomplished neither. The Florida House and Rick Scott halted this legislative session, by robbing 800,000 hardworking Floridians at a chance to have health care for the second time this year."

Miami—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to the House voting down the Senate's bipartisan medicaid expansion plan by a vote of 72-41 yesterday. 

"The State House of Representatives voted overwhelming to relegate a million working Floridians to continue to live on the edge without access to affordable healthcare despite federal resources available to fund the care," said Russo who's organization represents thousands of Registered Nurses and healthcare workers statewide who have fiercely advocated to expand health care to the nearly 1 million hard working Floridians who fall in the coverage gap.