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Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President & 1199SEIU Executive VP Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to Governor Rick Scott signing HB 1411 on Friday.

"We will hold Governor Scott and the Republican-led legislature accountable for severely limiting women's access to healthcare and potentially creating a health crisis by limiting vital health services.

As a woman, a mother, and a leader of a Union of women who work in the healthcare sector, I am shocked and appalled that women's rights to safe and affordable care are now the political target of a male-dominated Republican leadership from the Governor on down. 

Miami, FL—As another disappointing legislative session ends in Tallahassee, the priorities of Florida’s working families have once again been ignored. Whether that will prove to be a mistake for many legislators is the question to be tested in elections across the state this year.

SEIU Florida is throwing its 55,000-member statewide organization behind a broad push to affect the 2016 elections in Florida, from President to local races. Banking on a growing populist discontent with the status quo, SEIU and its wide network of community allies will work to educate voters on one of the biggest issues facing working families across the nation – a minimum wage that has not kept up with the cost of living.

Tallahassee, Fla. – Two weeks after a new economic study was released revealing the $11.4 billion price tag for low wage jobs, underpaid Floridians flooded a committee hearing on poverty Wednesday to urge lawmakers to hear HB6 and SB109 that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, lifting 4 million working families out of poverty.

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to the Florida House passing HB 7099:

"It’s a crime and a shame that all of the Republicans and some Democrats in the Florida House of Representatives voted to support another billion-dollar handout to corporations paid for by Florida’s workers. They are picking the pockets of hard working Floridians, and we cannot stand idly by while the Republican-led Legislature pushes an agenda that benefits profitable corporations rather than focusing on the needs of everyday Floridians. We applaud those House Democrats who did their job today by standing up for hard working Floridians and voting no on this bill.”


Tallahassee, Fla.— A new report released today exposes the $11.4 billion price tag for low wage jobs. A press conference will be held Wednesday at 12:30 pm at the Florida Capitol to examine the alarming facts revealed in the new study, “The High Public Cost of Low Wage Employment in Florida,” written by FSU economics professor Patrick L. Mason.

The report exposes how Florida corporations use taxpayer-funded benefit programs to effectively subsidize corporate profits.  These corporations rake in more profits by paying wages so low that employees must rely on taxpayer-funded safety net programs like food stamps and public housing.  

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Tallahassee, FL - Un nuevo informe publicado hoy expone que los empleos que pagan salarios bajos les cuestan a los contribuyentes de la Florida $11,4 mil millones de dólares. En una conferencia de prensa que se llevó a cabo hoy miércoles a las 12:30 p.m. en el Capitolio de la Florida, se examinaron los hechos alarmantes revelados en el nuevo estudio "El alto costo público del empleo de salarios bajos en la Florida", escrito por el profesor de economía de FSU, Patrick L. Mason.

El informe expone como algunas compañías de la Florida usan los programas de beneficio social financiados por los contribuyentes para subsidiar sus ganancias corporativas. Estas empresas aumentan sus ganancias al pagar salarios tan bajos que fuerzan a sus empleados a depender de programas de protección social financiados por los contribuyentes como los cupones de alimentación o la vivienda pública.

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Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to the defeat of SB 598: 

“Efforts by the State Senators in Tallahassee to roll back living wage ordinances in Miami-Dade, Broward, Pinellas, Alachua, and numerous counties and cities across Florida was quashed thanks to a 3-2 vote in the State Senate today.  We applaud the leadership of State Senators Bullard, Latvala and Ring.

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement in response to Governor Scott’s State of the State:

“It comes as no surprise that Governor Rick Scott and the Republican-led Legislature have a jam-packed agenda that attacks hardworking Floridians rather than doing their sworn job to protect the interests of our most vulnerable.

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Miami, Fla. – On Tuesday November 10, hundreds of Floridians will come together to demand action from state legislators and presidential candidates to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Rallies and marches will be held in over 20 cities across Florida, as part of a National Day of Action with events in over 500 cities throughout the country. Floridians will rally in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami, Clearwater, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Fort Myers, among other cities.

SEIU Florida Praises State Senator Oscar Braynon for Backing $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Miami, FL—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement on Senate Bill 6 that would raise Florida’s minimum wage to $15 an hour from $8.05.

“The members and leaders of SEIU Florida salute the Florida Senate Democratic Caucus under the leadership of State Senator Oscar Braynon II for signing on to S.B. 6. which - once passed – would exponentially change the lives of nearly two million hardworking Floridians who are currently struggling to make ends meet on poverty wages. SB6 has the potential to dramatically strengthen the state’s economic outlook as workers have more money in their paychecks to invest the economy. We call on all members of the Florida Legislature to stimulate Florida’s economy by investing in our workforce and passing this monumental and financially prudent piece of legislation.