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Local fast-food workers walked off the job before dawn on early Tuesday morning, kicking off a wave of strikes and civil disobedience by working Americans in the Fight for $15. More than 1,000 arrests are expected across the country as part of a nationwide Day of Disruption on the fourth anniversary of the launch of the powerful Fight for $15 movement.

Airport workers will join up to 200 other low-wage workers, including striking fast food, home care and health care employees at Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) on November 29th at 12 noon as part of a massive multi-city protest to demand $15 and a union. The underpaid workers will march through the terminals and hold the largest ever mannequin challenge at FLL, illustrating the indignities that they endure, as well as their collective power. 

Miami suffers from a staggeringly low median wage, with the lowest paid workers getting paid some of the worst wages in the nation. Today, the City of Miami has taken a step forward in ensuring that at least employees under contract with the city will finally make a real living wage of $15 an hour.

This Sunday, a dozen events will unite thousands of congregation members across many faiths to celebrate the last day of the 2016 Early Vote election period. 

As early voting continues throughout Florida, African American, Haitian, Jamaican and other Caribbean communities of color are coming together to claim their power in the workplace and at the ballot box.

With Early Voting starts the final countdown towards Election Day and the final push to get out the vote. SEIU Florida and community organizations, such as PICO National Network, Faith in Florida, FLIC Votes, Organize Now and New Florida Majority, will invest over half a million ($510,000) in radio and digital ads targeting Latino millennial, African American and Haitian voters.

This Sunday, Oct. 30th, labor and immigration groups will celebrate the first weekend of early voting by hosting a Trump Is Scary Halloween Parade and block party. 

On Oct. 27, a broad coalition of progressive groups, immigrant advocates and labor unions announced they have knocked on more than one million doors across Florida. 

With Florida likely to be the tipping point in this crucial election, Floridians across the state are gathering to watch the final debate on Wednesday, Oct 19th. With the stakes so high, Floridians will be listening closely to what the presidential candidates have to say about immigration, the Supreme Court, jobs and foreign policy. At many of the debate parties, community members will be meeting early for volunteer phone banks, building their power by coming together to change the direction of this election not just on the national level, but on a local level.

Just a month away from the election, community members were disappointed when a local political forum was cancelled after Republican candidates Frank Artiles, Michael Bileca and David Rivera decided not to show up. The forum, scheduled to take place from 6pm – 8pm on Oct. 12 at Miami-Dade Kendall Campus, would have featured candidates from State Senate District 40 and State House Districts 115 and 118.