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SEIU Florida laments the Supreme Court’s Decision against Immigrant Families, Prepares to Mobilize Voters in November

Miami, FL—Today’s split decision from the Supreme Court on US v. Texas, the case against President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, allows the block on DAPA and the expansion of DACA to continue.

The lawsuit, initially filed by the Governor of Texas and signed by Florida’s State Attorney Pam Bondi, as well as by other 26 states, has already halted much needed protection from deportation for more than 5 million immigrant families for over a year.

The following is a statement from SEIU Florida President Monica Russo in response:

“This decision not only affects millions of immigrant parents and young undocumented Americans who have been waiting for this opportunity for decades, but all of us. The continuation of unnecessary detentions and deportations is separating US citizen children from their parents and is costing us millions in foster care and bills from private detention centers.

“Make no mistake, this will not stop us. Our union will continue to stand with immigrant families on the right side of history. While this decision is unfortunate and unfair, we will not forget who joined this lawsuit in the first place and decided to play politics with the lives of our families, our coworkers and our neighbors.

“Now more than ever, we are committed to mobilizing our community to the polls in November to elect leaders who respect the contributions of immigrant workers and who will support immigration reform with a path to citizenship.”