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SEIU Florida Members Announce Endorsements For November Elections

CONTACT: Ed Gilhuly, Left Communication

MIRAMAR, FL — SEIU Florida, which represents more than 55,000 active and retired health care professionals, public employees, airport workers, adjunct faculty and property service staff in the state, has announced a slate of endorsed candidates for the November elections who will best serve the freedoms and needs of Florida’s working families.

The candidates earned the endorsements based on their commitment to fight for everyday Floridians and SEIU’s “Vote For Freedom” electoral platform which focuses on:

-- access to quality, affordable healthcare

-- good wages

-- affordable housing

-- worker and union rights.

The endorsements and platform are backed by a $5 million union investment in get-out-the-vote, communications and other outreach efforts. Additionally, hundreds of SEIU Florida members have pledged thousands of hours to canvass neighborhoods each weekend, work phone banks and participate in dozens of other actions between now and election day (November 6).

These efforts build upon the past three years in which SEIU has invested $2.7 million annually to build a base of leaders and activists in communities across the state to lift up working-class concerns.  Specific issues include a living wage for nursing home employees who care for our seniors but can’t afford health care for themselves, including a minimum wage of $15 per hour; protection of Medicare; support for the right of adjunct faculty, airport workers and others to join a union; and the expansion of Medicaid which would provide critical health insurance to 700,000 working-class Floridians who otherwise have no health coverage at all.

“Millions of hardworking Florida families still can’t afford health care and struggle to put food on the table, pay the rent or have any voice at work.  That’s not freedom,” said Monica Russo, president of SEIU Florida.  “Our endorsed candidates have pledged and proven their commitment to serving the people first, from children to seniors and all ages in between.”

The endorsements range from races for Florida governor and cabinet, U.S. Senate and Congress, as well as numerous local and county leadership positions.

SEIU Florida endorsements include:

U.S. Senate

Bill Nelson

Florida Governor & Cabinet

Andrew Gillum                  Governor

Chris King                           Lieutenant Governor

Sean Shaw                          Attorney General

Jeremy Ring                       Chief Financial Officer

Nikki Fried                          Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services


U.S. House of Representatives

Nancy Soderberg                               U.S. Representative, District 6

Stephanie Murphy                            U.S. Representative, District 7

Sanjay Patel                                        U.S. Representative, District 8

Darren Soto                                        U.S. Representative, District 9

Charlie Crist                                        U.S. Representative, District 13

Lauren Baer                                        U.S. Representative, District 18

Alcee Hastings                                   U.S. Representative, District 20

Lois Frankel                                        U.S. Representative, District 21

Ted Deutch                                         U.S. Representative, District 22

Debbie Wasserman Schultz          U.S. Representative, District 23

Mary Barzee Flores                         U.S. Representative, District 25

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell               U.S. Representative, District 26

Donna Shalala                                    U.S. Representative, District 27


Florida Senate



Kayser Enneking                               State Senator, District 8

Amanda Murphy                              State Senator, District 16

Janet Cruz                                           State Senator, District 18

Kathy Lewis                                        State Senator, District 20

Bob Doyel                                           State Senator, District 22

Lindsay Cross                                     State Senator, District 24

Robert Levy                                        State Senator, District 25

David Perez                                        State Senator, District 36

Annette Taddeo                               State Senator, District 40


Florida House of Representatives



Tracye Polson                                    State Representative, District 15

Barbara Cady                                     State Representative, District 42

Geraldine Thompson                      State Representative, District 44

Anna Eskamani                                  State Representative, District 47

Amy Mercado                                    State Representative, District 48

Carlos Guillermo Smith                  State Representative, District 49

Dianne Hart                                        State Representative, District 61

Fentrice Driskell                                State Representative, District 63

Jennifer Webb                                  State Representative, District 69

Ellen Baker                                          State Representative, District 85

Matt Willhite                                      State Representative, District 86

David Silvers                                       State Representative, District 87

James Bonfiglio                                 State Representative, District 89

Emma Collum                                    State Representative, District 93

Michael Gottlieb                              State Representative, District 98

Cindy Polo                                           State Representative, District 103

Javier Estevez                                    State Representative, District 105

Dottie Joseph                                    State Representative, District 108

Nick Duran                                          State Representative, District 112

Michael Grieco                                  State Representative, District 113

Javier Fernandez                              State Representative, District 114

Jeffrey Soloman                                State Representative, District 115

Robert Asencio                                 State Representative, District 118


County, Municipal & Judicial



Renee Gordon                                  11th Judicial Circuit Judge, Group 14

Lamar Fisher                                      Broward County Commissioner, District 4

Tanner Channing Demmery         Broward County Court Judge, Group 9

Greg Weiss                                         Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 2

Robert Weinroth                              Palm Beach County Commissioner, District 4

Jim Gibbs                                             Palm Beach Northern Improvement District

Gregory Block                                    Palm Beach Northern Improvement District

Joseph Anderson                             Port of Palm Beach, Group 5

Allegra Fung                                       Palm Beach County Court Judge, Group 4

Maxine Cheesman                          Palm Beach Circuit Court Judge, Group 18

Nirlaine Smartt                                  Circuit Court Judge, 19th Circuit

Patricia Rumph                                 Orange County Commissioner, District 2

Mayra Uribe                                       Orange County Commissioner, District 3

Maribel Gomez Cordero                Orange County Commissioner, District 4

Johanna Lopez                                  Orange County School Board District 2

Mariella Smith                                   Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 5

Kimberly Overman                          Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 7

G. Greg Green                                   Hillsborough County Court Judge, Group 2

E. Michael Isaak                                Hillsborough County Court Judge, Group 8

Robin Fuson                                       13th Judicial Circuit Judge, Group 25

Amy Kedron                                       Pinellas County Commissioner, District 6               

Peggy O'Shea                                     Pinellas School Board, District 3

Matt Stewart                                     Pinellas School Board, District 6

Kent Compton                                   Pinellas County Court Judge, Group 7

Brandi Geoit                                       Pasco County Commissioner, District 4

Dustin Anderson                              6th Judicial Circuit Judge, Group 4

Doneene Loar                                    6th Judicial Circuit Judge, Group 36

Evan Frayman                                    6th Judicial Circuit Judge, Group 45


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SEIU Florida represents over 55,000 active and retired healthcare professionals, public employees and property service workers in the state of Florida. SEIU members provide vital public services in Florida’s hospitals, nursing homes, public schools, community colleges, municipal and county governments, malls, and universities. With over 2.1 million members, SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America.