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SEIU Florida Appalled but Not Surprised by the House's Decision to Walk Out Over Healthcare Expansion 4/28/2015


Contact: Jackie de Carvalho, Jackie.deCarvalho@seiufl.org561-287-2879

Miami—SEIU Florida President Monica Russo issued the following statement. 

"By deciding to walk out and end the session early, the Florida House has shown they have no interest in serving the needs of hard working Floridians. Instead they have chosen to turn their backs on Florida's taxpayers rather than working on a solution to expand healthcare access which would provide healthcare for nearly 1 million Floridians who desperately need it," said Russo whose organization SEIU Florida represents thousands of Registered Nurses and healthcare workers across the state who have vociferously advocated to expand healthcare access to hard working Floridians in the state’s coverage gap.

"The callous behavior on the part of these lawmakers in the Florida House has shown time and time again that they're not interested in solutions for the hard working people of Florida. It's truly disheartening to think that our lawmakers in the Florida House are so consumed with their own agendas that they'll continue to let hardworking Floridians suffer without access to affordable coverage instead of simply expanding healthcare access once and for all." said Russo. 


SEIU Florida represents over 55,000 active and retired healthcare professionals, public employees, and property service workers in the state of Florida. SEIU members provide vital public services in Florida’s hospitals, nursing homes, public schools, community colleges, municipal and county governments, malls, and universities. With over 2.1 million members, SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America.