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SEIU Florida and community organizations invest in media buys to reach over 4 million Floridians inviting them to vote for a minimum wage increase, access to affordable healthcare and education and immigration reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
Contact: Afifa Khaliq (561) 324-1410, Natalia Jaramillo (305) 780-3013 

Miami, FL – With Early Voting starts the final countdown towards Election Day and the final push to get out the vote. SEIU Florida and community organizations, such as PICO National Network, Faith in Florida, FLIC Votes, Organize Now and New Florida Majority, will invest over half a million ($510,000) in radio and digital ads targeting Latino millennial, African American and Haitian voters.

The messages for African American and Haitian voters include Early Vote information (in most Florida counties, early voting is from October 24 to November 6), is geared towards Souls to the Polls on October 30 and November 6, as well as voter protection. Voters can go to to get more information about election. (You can listen to the ads here)

With an invitation to “Vote Ya!”, the Latino radio ads intend to persuade young Latinos who are turned off by the rhetoric of the Presidential campaign. The campaign invites them to vote for the issues that affect them and their family or friends directly, such as having access to affordable education and healthcare, raising the minimum wage and passing immigration reform. (You can listen to the radio ads and see the digital ads for Latino millennials here)

“For too long election campaigns focused on parties and candidates. We are changing this by bringing the focus back to the real issues that impact our communities,” said Alphonso Mayfield, SEIU’s State Director for the 2016 Election Campaign. “The issues of racial and economic injustices can no longer be ignored. Our campaign intends to educate the voter that their votes are directly related to how the policies and practices are crafted at local and federal level. We are doing this through our face-to-face contacts with voters and also through the media buys.”

Starting today, the ads will be aired throughout Florida, including Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Orange, Osceola, Pensacola, Leon and Duval counties. The digital ads will go live on Pandora reaching young Latinos in the same counties as well as Orange and Osceola reaching out to to young Puerto Rican voters.

“While politicians are screaming at each other, young Floridians are making some of the toughest decisions in their lives, from how to pay for College to how to get a job that doesn’t pay them poverty wages,” says Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director for FLIC Votes and lead for Latino Voter outreach. “They are also turned off by politicians that don’t accept their heritage and constantly attack their immigrant families. This campaign seeks to remind them that voting is, in a way, taking action to create change. At the end of the day, we need politicians to make college more affordable, increase the minimum wage and change our current immigration laws to protect those moms, dads and abuelos who are undocumented.”

During the two weeks, the ads are expected to reach over 4 million African American, Haitian and young Latino voters in key metropolitan areas through the radio and will be seen nearly 2 million times on Pandora and the web.


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