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Broward County Commissioners Unanimously Ban the Box

After months of organizing, community members and clergy scored a major victory

Contact:  Elizabeth Fernandez,, 954-652-9897

Fort Lauderdale, FL — After hours of deliberation and input from residents and clergy, Broward County Commissioners unanimously passed Ban the Box legislation on Tuesday, a stunning turnaround after the ordinance only received two votes back in December. 

Ban the Box went from nothing to unanimous because of the efforts of Broward County community leaders, clergy members and residents who united to support giving all County applicants a fair chance at a good job. Although there’s more work to do to ensure fairness throughout the entire hiring process, it’s an incredible policy shift. 

“We’re leading the way here by setting an example that we ought to ensure everybody had the opportunity to support themselves,” said Broward Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness, who spearheaded the legislation. “There’s no reason for people who have paid their dues to return to society and still not be able to support their families.” 

While Ban the Box wouldn’t eliminate background checks, it would give individuals who have interacted with the criminal justice system a fair chance to compete for employment and be judged on their qualifications first, without the stigma of an arrest or conviction. Broward County joins 23 states and more than 100 cities and counties which have passed Ban the Box legislation, including Miami-Dade.



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