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Florida Republicans Just Voted to Take Away Rights from Workers on the Job

Statement by Monica Russo, SEIU Florida President, on the passing of House Bill 25

“Shame on Florida Republicans for ripping away the rights of workers to have a voice on the job. In a state where workers voices are already diminished, the Florida House voted to silence teachers, nurses, bus drivers, and other public workers. 

“The notion of a “Right to Work” state is wrong for workers. It means workers have a right to work in poverty and with less power and Florida’s Republican leadership want to make it worse. This piece of legislation is unnecessary, unconstitutional and a waste of taxpayer’s time and money.

“Today's vote takes us backwards. Too many people across Florida are living paycheck to paycheck, but House Republicans just said "you're on your own," said Monica Russo, SEIU Florida President.



SEIU Florida represents over 55,000 active and retired healthcare professionals, public employees, and property service workers in the state of Florida. SEIU members provide vital public services in Florida’s hospitals, nursing homes, public schools, community colleges, municipal and county governments, malls, and universities. With over 2.1 million members, SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America.