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The High Public Cost of Low Wages

A new report released Februay 3, 2016 reveals some shocking facts about the obscene cost to Florida taxpayers of paying low wages.

FACT SHEET: The High Public Cost of Low Wages

  1. Low wages cost Florida taxpayers $11.4 billion in public assistance each year.
  2. Increasing the minimum wage to $15 will reduce the cost of taxpayer-funded public assistance by BILLIONS each year.
  3. Greedy corporations pay low wages and abuse public assistance programs to rake in even more profits.
  4. The average underpaid Floridian is 40 years old and are MOSTLY women.
  5. Over 30% of all working Floridians are low wage earners making an average of just $14,000 per year.
  6. Nearly ALL public assistance goes to underpaid Floridians working in jobs that aren't unionized.
  7. It’s a myth that families receiving public assistance are unwilling to work. Families rely on public assistance because they are paid low wages, have unstable work hours, poor working conditions, and limited to no benefits.