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SEIU Florida 2019 Endorsements

Though there are months until the 2020 elections, Floridians are ready to vote in local elections happening in April. The members of SEIU Florida announced their endorsements for local races in Tampa, continuing their endorsements of candidates since earlier this year. 

The following candidates have been endorsed by SEIU Florida members:

May 14 Elections - Read the announcement 

  • Mac-Kinley Lauriston, Mayor
  • Scott Galvin, City Commission District 1
  • Michael Etienne, City Commission District 3
  • Alix Desulme, City Commission District 4

Previous 2019 Elections

Elections on April 23 - Read the announcement.


  • Jane Castor, Mayor
  • Walter Smith, City Commission District 1
  • John Dingfelder, City Commission District 3
  • Orlando Gudes, City Commission District 5

March Elections - Read the full March announcement here.

Boynton Beach

  • Justin Katz, City Commission District 1

Coral Springs

  • Nancy Metayer, Mayor


  • Wayne Messam, Mayor
  • Alexandra Davis, City Commission Seat 4

Riviera Beach

  • Thomas Masters, Mayor
  • Lynne Hubbard, City Council District 1
  • Terence Davis, City Council District 5

West Palm Beach

  • Keith James, Mayor
  • Richard Ryles, City Commission District 3

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